Web Development Department

When innovative web design meets function, a website emerges that is nothing short of magic.

Your website is of paramount importance in order to convey the essence of your company. By utilizing top class programmers and developers, our mission is to create a website ideally suited to your unique needs. Our sites are attention-grabbing, user-friendly, business-driven and completely custom made.

Steps To Success

We are a fully integrated Web Development Team which allows us to excel in communication. Building the right webpage for your business takes a team of software engineers who know that listening to their clients’ needs is the most important step. Our mission is to make your website a success and because of that we take the time to understand your goals. Every step is carefully thought out in order to reflect your desires whilst also engaging your target audience. Obviously, the user experience is at the forefront of our minds and is the driving force behind the ease and fluidity of your website. Your end goal will be apparent and clear to all those who enter your website. Looking to close a sale? Collect email addresses? Your call-to-action will be prominent and obvious to your users.


We work closely with the Content and SEO departments to ensure your message is presented in the best way possible to reach the people you want to be reaching and for them to internalize what you want them to do.


Collaboration both with you and with the other departments at Marketily is based on mutual respect and is crucial for success. This is what separates us from independent WebDev Teams and gives you the extra specialized treatment to boost your website from acceptable to exceptional.

Technical Skills

Our awesome team is comprised of experts in:

  • Content Management Systems: eZ Publish/eZ Platform, Drupal, WordPress and many more
  • CRM: SugarCRM
  • Programming languages: PHP, JavaScript, C++ and lua
  • Full frontend design services: BootStrap, XHTML/CSS, HTML 5, SASS/SCSS, LESS;
  • E-commerce: Magento, PrestaShop
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Application development
  • And more


Additionally, we provide ongoing support through issues such as

  • Platform, plug-in or software updates
  • Module updates
  • Theme updates
  • Security audits
  • New functionality
  • Interactive features
  • Integrations

We’re Here For You

Not only do we offer creative solutions in a timely manner, but our long-term support for all your web-based needs is something you can count on. Rest assured, as the business world evolves, our designs are fluid and robust enough to change right along with you.